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Partnership & Collaboration

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The purpose of this page, is to promote the value of partnership and collaboration.
My inspiration comes as a result of the typical results, seemingly produced by most networking ventures,"NOTHING". Except maybe the decision that you will not be back. After running into perhaps 10 additional products in direct competition to yours. This is the reason I stated in another blog (http://uniteandprosper.blogspot.com) that we do not necessarily have a need for more products but rather a greater need for unification + motivation leading to massive results.

As an example; http://theclosersllc.com,( a Female Owned Business) is all about building business by supporting others in business. By incorporating the principles of domestic outsourcing instead of it's physics opposite, competition. You will find that all the services provided by The Closers LLC are to support others in business, while building for itself a very strong and productive business. This is done by offering services that The Closers LLC does not provide but captures leads for those who are experts in their fields, via http://theclosersllc.com who have assisted in creating value for The Closers and their clients.

The return on this method of building business is much greater or rather it defies the known laws of physics. Perhaps the return simply expands on the concept of GIVERS GAIN, attracting a different law. One which represents a much more powerful meaning. This law unlike the physics one, states that to every action is an infinite possibility of reactions.

There is a verse in the bible that references spiritual battle which states,"One can put a thousand to flight, while two can put 10,000 to flight".

There is yet another Proverb which states," Two are better than one", and even another which states (my personal favorite),"A threefold cord is not easily broken. I hope, I am beginning to make the point that we function best as a unit collaborating, partnering and supporting one another, than we do on our own.

Now, of course, I recognize that this presents yet another challenge. That of doing unto others as you would have them to do unto you. Soooo.... who goes first right? The answer is; the one with the biggest abundance consciousness. The one who recognizes that you simply do not have the ability to do more good for another than GOD, or the universe desires to do for you. You invoke the spiritual law that to every action there is an infinite posibility of reactions.

As a small to medium size business, you only have so much time in a
day. Not to mention,"you should be spending that time doing what you
love and are great at versus losing half your day, working on things,
you know little, to nothing about. A wise man once told me ,"allow the
expert be the expert". This is a truth that the big guys know and
practice. Unfortunately, they however are sending American Jobs
overseas. So, the truth is, the time we spend complaining about
corporate practices we could be learning, how they are staying afloat
in a bad economy and be the change we want to see.

Based on results, often harsh, always fair. There is no better way to
measure a person or company. Results are what we create from our very
own actions and choices. What the major coorporations are doing to
stay afloat and even turn dramatic profits, is working (just take even
a casual look at the banks we bailed out). Therefore we must stop
resisting, because what we resist, will persist. We will not beat
them, but we most certainly, can learn from them and create for ourselves self-sustaining businesses.

We, unfortunately, have a very strong TAKE mentality in this country. Most of us can't
even fully read and consider someone elses ad or pitch, before we are thinking
of how, we can turn it around and sell something back to them. In many
ways we practice the same greed and inconsideration of the corporate
giants we complain about. I cant stress it enough, we must be the
change we want to see.

Its no mystery," women are leading the way, in the return to home
based businesses. However many are struggling and find themselves
worse off, after a very little time. I have found in my research and
observance," that this is largely do to the same reason women hire me
to do their wardrobes (http://www.makeemlooktwice.com)," (which of course there is nothing wrong
with:-) They want to impress the next woman. What ends up happening is
few are self aware enough, to say," girl you look good!" Most would
prefer to turn their noses up, and say," can you believe she wore
that". Add to that the very entertaining, female based reality shows and you have a wonderful back to the past, time machine.

My point is, this culture of behavior, is the same culture,
contributing to women owned, failed businesses. You can check the
numbers for yourself and you will find that over 95% of home based
businesses fail. I have also observed, in my work with women that you
are very quick to come together over tragedy or loss, but my dad
always said," an ounce of prevention, is better than a thousand pounds
of cure". This is why, I will continue to appeal to your higher level
of consciousness to do what you naturally know how to do, but only do
most effectively, in crisis. Imagine a world of business women whole-heartedly invested in one another's success.

Thank you for listening!

Yours In Service,
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  1. One of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs is the issue of isolation - especially for homebased businesses. We are social creatures, and any structure that creates separation harms us. We need interaction, involvement, and engagement to live our best. Cooperation and collaboration have a unique synergy that move us forward more easily, more effortlessly than sheer independence. Besides, it's just more FUN!